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    Galin Instant Noodles - Farsi

  • Instant Noodle Manufacturer

    Instant Noodle Manufacturer

    Galin Instant Noodle Manufacturer- Arvin Macaron PJS

  • Instant Noodle Manufacturer

    Instant Noodle Manufacturer

    Galin Instant Noodle Manufacturer- Arvin Macaron PJS

  • Instant Noodle Manufacturer

    Instant Noodle Manufacturer

    Galin Instant Noodle Manufacturer- Arvin Macaron PJS

  • Galin 65 gr Cup Instant Noodle Pizza Shrimp Curry Flavors

    Galin 65 gr Cup Instant Noodle Pizza Shrimp Curry Flavors

    Galin Instant Noodle Manufacturer- Arvin Macaron PJS

  • Galin 85 gr Bag Instant Noodle Pizza Shrimp Curry Flavors

    Galin 85 gr Bag Instant Noodle Pizza Shrimp Curry Flavors

    Galin Instant Noodle Manufacturer- Arvin Macaron PJS


To Fellow Food & Beverage Importers & Distributors

The retail processed food sector is a fast growing market, here is why. In 2010, processed foods dominated the new food and beverage product releases in most countries around the globe. We have also witnessed significant growth in the grain-based product sector, specifically for pasta/ noodles, bakery, and processed snack foods. Family lifestyle changes occurring in most countries have been a main contributing factor to the rise in consumption of processed foods.
With an increasing number of women joining the workforce, time-consuming meals, in which women would spend hours cooking, are no longer a practical option.

Instead, consumers are opting to prepare quick and easy meals using processed foods. Designed and published especially for you, this website intends to portray a clear picture of our noodle manufacturing facility, as well as the quality assurance system in place. We bring you this offer realizing very well that the noodle market’s vast potential as a whole still remains untouched in most areas around the globe as this market has grown into an industry that supplies 91.6 billion servings annually to consumers throughout the world according to the data provided by the World Instant Noodles Association.

As a pioneering food importer and distributor of our premium instant noodles, your only limit would be the high blue sky! Let us support you in wining this prosperous market together.



A How To Guide To Rising Instant Yet Green ...

The 21st century’s instant life has been a mixed blessing especially when it comes to some common sense concepts such as “Instant/Fast Food vs. Healthy Mommy Made Diet”. Reduced cooking time usually translates into unhealthy eating followed by a perpetual feeling of high-carb guilt and resentment.
The youngest member of Golchin Holding Group; Arvin Macaron PJS was established in 1998 with a new vision to lead, innovate and surprise its ever-expanding global clientele by means of growing instant yet green.
“GREEN” or the very meaning of Green Instant Living may look easier said than done but it has actually been embedded invested in various operation aspects of Arvin Macaron PJS such as procurement of green healthy raw material, manufacturing process and facility, and quality control processes involved while maintaining and highlighting even Arvin’s Green market image after three years of tireless efforts.
So yes, we are half-way through this thrilling expedition; but “What The Heck” half a way is, you may ponder. Within 3 years we have managed to successfully …

1- Reduce the total fat value
2- Replace palm oil to achieve no cholesterol and zero trans-fat threshold
3- Enriched overall vitamin value introducing freeze dried vegetable packs while adding extra dried green leaves in our seasoning sachets
4- Improve packing to protect noodle cakes from direct sunlight exposure
5- Receive ISO 9000, 10002, 22000 and HACCP.






... To Become A Galin Distributor

Galin’s flavor and design variety encompasses a diverse and ever growing pool of prospects; those who love traditional tastes can enjoy our Chicken, Beef or Vegie flavors. Those who look for a change will find it hard to resist our unique Pizza, Shrimp and Curry flavors. Our “Instant Joy Noodles for Kids” conceale a secret surprise; you never know what will pop out of your cup besides delicious noodles. We have also librated the concept of free label to its max - just ask us. The ever growing demand for processed food worldwide simply means that instant quality fast food industry will continue to grow; Galin Brand too intends to grow into bringing instant nourishment to our ever-growing number of consumers.Marketing is the art of offering the right product, in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price; thus Galin came to life to do just that ….

Our secret to success is simple; to provide the best possible taste and quality at an unbeatable price. Who wouldn’t love to get the most for what he or she pays, spending a fraction of time for an ongoing daily task; cooking. We are as transparent as any ideal supplier could be; our ISO and health certification, FDO registration, third-party audit & verification has always been and will always be displayed online and printed on every single product we ship. Besides that our top management are only a click away. Backed with an annual commitment contract, we guarantee a timely and responsible service to always deliver freshly produced quality instant noodles in 28 days from booking. We pack and ship your goods just the way you like it.


 FMCG Distributors Required Worldwide






Noodle Market Analysis

Noodle Market Analysis - Past, Present & The Future: analyzed & sorted based on present and projected consumption rate, region, volume, as well as import/ sales taxes ...

*** Top 5 Noodle Markets: China, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam & USA

*** 5 Fastest Growing Noodle Markets: India, Denmark, Egypt, Nepal, & Myanmar


The Great Balancing Act - The Food Gap

Achieving a sustainable food future, then, requires meeting three needs simultaneously: closing the food gap, supporting economic development and reducing agriculture's environmental impact.


FAO reports indicate that in the years 2011-2013, an estimated 842 million people were suffering from chronic hunger whereas UN's 1st Millennium Development Goal states that the UN "is to eradicate extreme hunger and poverty" by 2015


Arvin Macaron PJS Halal Instant Noodle Supplier - Certification




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Manufacturing Line

Arvin Macaron’s 5000 sq. meters manufacturing facility consists of stainless steel flour silos and oil containers, fully sanitized & automated noodle manufacturing line controlled with PLC Siemens automation system, operator based & fully customizable packing unit all managed under the strictest quality assurance measures. Arvin Macaron's quality assurance measures taken in manufacturing and customer service is guaranteed through International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 quality management practices implemented rigorously.

Specs: Other Packing Machinery: Seasoning Packing, Freeze Dried Vegetable Packing & Accessories
Type: Bag 75 gr ~ 120 gr Bowl +100 gr Cup 65 gr ~ 120 gr
Manufacturing Line: +20 Tons Per Day - 3 x 8h shifts
Manufacturing Process: Mixing, Steaming, Frying/Drying, and Cooling


 Why Galin?

Galin instant noodles are designed to bring you back the joy of good old day’s hassle free profitable business. Not intrusive advertising but attractive design, unbeatable pricing and superior taste are the three main cornerstones where we have built our business policies upon. Galin doesn’t taste like your in-laws cold supper just because it is mommy-made delicious! With the shortest possible management chain of command our pricing, promotion, manufacturing and delivery system is fast, efficient and ever-improving; in a single word we are as integrated and focused as a laser beam made of pure fine wheat flour!

We don’t “JUST” produce instant noodles; we produce tangible results. We take a single serious distributor from each market, hold on to our promise and make every effort humanly possible to build an iconic success out of our worldwide business partners. Joining Galin means joining a success story just as it unfolds; you won’t have to fight over nickels and dimes in a mature market; leap into a fresh start to master your destiny.